Monday to Thursday

9 Holes - $42

18 Holes - $75



Monday to Thursday

9 Holes - $31

18 Holes - $53


9 Holes - $47

18 Holes - $85


(Children under 6 are not allowed on course)

Monday to Thursday

9 Holes - $25

18 Holes - $50


(Children under 6 are not allowed on course)

After 2pm Friday to Sunday and Stat Holidays

9 Holes - $30

18 Holes - $60


9 Holes - $13.50/person

18 Holes - $21/person

***2 CARTS per group. If you request your own cart, the FULL CART FEE will apply***

Pull Cart

9 Holes - $5

18 Holes - $8

There are absolutely no ride alongs, walk alongs or more than 4 players in a group.
Must have a valid drivers licence to drive the golf carts.

10 Round Game Pack

9 Holes Adult Walking - $378.00

9 Holes Adult with Cart Seat - $499.50

9 Holes Senior Walking - $279.00

9 Holes Senior with Cart Seat - $400.50

18 Holes Adult Walking - $675.00

18 Holes Adult with Cart Seat - $864.00

18 Holes Senior Walking - $477.00

18 Holes Senior with Cart Seat - $666.00

Prices include GST

Passes bought in 2024 are valid Monday to Thursday for the 2024 season only.
Guests may use the pass on weekends and purchase the difference in the round. One pass = one 9-hole round.


Booking Rules

  • Public may book 7 days in advance with a valid credit card.
  • No more than 4 players in a group.
  • Paid golfers only are permitted on the golf course.
  • Absolutely NO ride along’s or walk along’s.
  • To preserve the pristine wildlife and ensure their privacy, we kindly request that guests refrain from bringing pets to the Livingstone Golf Course.
  • Children under 6 are NOT permitted on the golf course however they may be able to use the driving range.

Power Carts

  • Power carts must have 2 golfers per cart, price is listed for your seat not for the full cart.
  • Power carts rentals must be secured with a valid credit card at check in.
  • You must have a valid driver’s licence to drive the Power Carts.

No Show Policy/ Cancellations

  • Cancellations must be 24 hours in advance to your tee time.
  • A “no show” charge of $30 per person per nine holes booked will apply.
  • The guest who makes the reservation will be responsible for the “no show” charge.
  • Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your booking or you may lose your tee time.


  • The use of foul or offensive language towards our staff or other golfers will not be tolerated.
  • Abuse of Livingstone Golf Course property and/or equipment will also not be tolerated.
  • If you participate in any of the above, you will kindly be asked to leave the premises by Livingstone Golf Course staff.
  • Acting with integrity, showing consideration to others, and taking good care of the golf course creates a space that everyone can enjoy.

Pace of Play

  • Play ready Golf! - Be ready to hit.
  • Lost Ball? - Limit your search to three minutes.
  • Place your Clubs - Off the green on the closest side to the next tee box.
  • Prepare your Putt - Line up your putt while others are putting!
  • Mark your Scores on the next tee box - Place the pin and exit the green immediately.

Dress Code

LivingStone Golf Course encourages everyone to take up the game of golf however, we ask that our members and guests respect the traditions of the game by ensuring their attire conforms to the following dress code.

Acceptable Attire:

  • Jeans are acceptable as long as they are not ripped or torn.
  • T-Shirts are acceptable as long as there is no profanity or inappropriate language printed on the shirt.
  • Walking Shorts are acceptable.

Unacceptable Attire:

  • Sleeveless shirts worn by anyone are not permitted.
  • Athletic wear such as sweatpants or gym shorts are not permitted.
  • Any apparel deemed offensive by our Golf Shop staff is not permitted.
  • Heeled boots or shoes of any kind as they leave a mean divot!

While we understand that people’s attire is very subjective it is important that our guests respect the etiquette of golf, our facility and other customers on the course by adhering to the dress code at LivingStone Golf Course.  If you are unsure as to whether or not your clothes will conform please call the Golf Shop 403-932-4414 for more information.